Engine Generator Switchgear Inquiry Data Sheet

Land-based      Marine
If Marine, what Certification Society(s)?
Other Standards to Comply with, UL or?
Automatic      Manual
Type of Auto Controls?
PC      PLC
Any Brand & Model Preference?
If Touch Screen Needed, Brand/Model?
Metal-Enclosed or Metal-Clad?
Metal-Enclosed      Metal-Clad
Nema 1 Enclosure or other?
Cable Entry/Exit Direction?
Space or Height Limitation?
What is the Voltage?
Number of Poles?
What MW/genset?
Quantity of Gensets?
Prime Power or Paralleling with Utility?
If yes what Utility?
Standby Also?
Soft Load & Un-Load?
If Utility Paralleling, how many Utility Feeds?
If yes how many?
What Brand & Model of Governor?
Generator Protective Relays/Controller?
Utility Protective Relay(s)?
Transfer Trip Required?
Brand Preferred on Breakers?
Required Withstand Rating?
KA?     MVA?
Drawout or Fixed?
Brand Preferred on Other Components?
Any Spec Available to Review?
(Please Fax or E-mail)
In One-line Available?
(Please Fax or E-mail)
Remote Control or Communication Required? SCADA?
If yes, via Network in same facility or via Internet or Modem to Remote Site?
If yes, how many sites?
What Digital Communication Protocol?
When is Quote Due?
Budget or Firm Bid?
How Long is Pricing to be Valid?