Radiator Inquiry Data Sheet

What Maximum Noise Limit in dBA @ ; Distance of Each?
What is Site Elevation of Installation Above Sea Level?
What Motor Voltage? Is Standard TEFC Motor OK? Yes   No
If not then what type of Enclosure is Needed?
Horizontal Core or Vertical CoreForced or Induced Draft?
Genset Brand: Model:; KW:
Are these for: Standby Duty or Continuous Duty?
Any Plot Limitations or Size Restrictions?
Any special coating needed for salt air or chemical attack?
How far will each radiator be from engine, vertically & horizontally in Feet? ft. V; ft. HHow many 90 Degree or 45 Degree Elbows?
50/50 E.G.-H20 coolant or some other type and/or %?
What maximum and minimum ambient temperature rating is required? Max:°F; Min:°F
Maximum Allowable EJW P.D:PSI; Max. Allowable AC or CAC P.D.:PSI
50 Hz or 60 Hz?
Heatload in BTU/Minute for JW:; Heatload in BTU/Min. for AC:
Maximum Top Tank Temp—JW:°F; maximum AC Rad Outlet Temp:°F @ Maximum Ambient Temperature
EJW Circuit Flow:GPM; AC or CAC Flow:GPM or CFM
Quantity of Radiators:; How long is Firm Price Required:Days
Surge Tank Capacity Required: JW Gallons.; AC: Gallons