Cain Industries Data Inquiry Sheet

General Application Data - Request For Quote:

Representative: Contact:
End User: Attention:
Address: Phone:
City, State, Zip: , FAX:
Country, Province: Email:
Type of Heat Exchanger:
Exhaust-to-Liquid    Exhaust-to-Steam
Exhaust Heating Source:
Steam Boiler (Operating steam pressure: PSIG)    Hot Water Boiler    Thermal Oxidizer    Oven    Fume Incinerator    Furnace    Natural Gas Engine    Diesel Engine    Other:

If Steam Boiler:

Continuously running boiler feedwater pumps    On/Off boiler feedwater pumps

If Natural Gas or Diesel Engine:

Max Btu/hr. Input (boilers):
Horsepower Output (boilers):
kW@ (engines):
In.3 (engines):
RPM (engines):
Turbocharged    Naturally Aspirated (engines)

Exhaust Steam Generator Data:

Steam Pressure (PSIG):
Desired Performance: (PPH, BTU, Final Outlet Exhaust °F)

Burner type: Atmospheric Burner    Power Burner
Heat Sinks:
Boiler feedwater    Boiler makeup water    Hot water return loop    Swimming pool water    Process water    Glycol Return Loop    Potable water    Hot Oil Return Loop    Other:
Exhaust Stack Description:
Vertical gas flow direction    Horizontal gas flow direction

Economizer Space Limitations:
None or:
Rectangular Stack Size: X
Round Stack Diameter:
Type of Fuel Burned:
Primary: Natural Gas    Propane    #2 Fuel Oil    #4,5,6 Fuel Oil
Standby (for dual fuel burners): Natural Gas    Propane    #2 Fuel Oil    #4,5,6 Fuel Oil
Btu/Ft3    Btu/Gallon
Exhaust Gas Flow Entering: (Maximum pressure drop @ 100% load: inches W.C.)
Temperature (°F): Model
SCFM, ACFM or #/hr
Desired Outlet (°F):
Content O2%:
or Content CO2%:
Content Excess Air %:
Thermal Efficiency %:
Load % of Input 100%
Hours of Operation per Load:
Load 1 Load 2 Load 3 Load 4
Liquid Flow Entering: (Maximum pressure drop @ 100% load:PSIG)
Temperature (°F):
GPM or #/hr
Desired Outlet (°F):
Type of Liquid:
Water    50% Ethylene Glycol    Therminol    Dowtherm    Other:
Savings Analysis Information:
Fuel Cost Per 100,000 Btu: $
Total Hours per Year Combustion Operation (loads 1+2+3+4):
Justification for purchase:
Payback (months):
Return on Investment (%):