Day Tank Data Inquiry Sheet

E-mail Address:
Gallons Capacity:
Indoor   Outdoor
UL 142 Double Wall   UL 142 with Rupture Basin
Manual   Auto If Auto, # of pumps:
Control Power: VAC; VDC
State Installed In:    City Installed In:
If Auto, Above or Below Tank?
Above   Below
Remote Fuel Fill Station Needed?  Yes   No
Size Fuel Inlet Spigot:
With N/O Solenoid Valve?  Yes   No
If space limitations, max dimensions:
Height:    Width:    Depth:
Remote Fuel Cooler?: Yes   No
If Yes, Need Genset Model & KW: ; Max Ambient Temp: °F
Motor Voltage: VAC Or VDC
Connection Type:
Max Fuel Return Temp: °F
Fuel Flow Rate: GPM
Fuel Heatload: BTU/Min
Vertical Distance, Main Tank to Day Tank: FT
Horizontal Distance, Main Tank to Day Tank: FT
Electro-Mechanical Controls: Standard   Digital
Remote Communication: Yes   No
Modbus   Ethernet
Auxiliary Pump: Yes   No
Starter(s) For Pump(s): Yes   No
Pryco Grey Paint: Yes   No
Or Preferred Color:
Remote Alarm Signals: Yes   No   Just On Tank
If Duplex Pumps With: Manual   Auto Alternator
Valve on Pump Intake: Check Valve   N/C Solenoid Valve
Heater/Thermostat: 230VAC   460VAC
Circuit Breaker(s): 1PH   3PH
DC: 12   24
TEFC Motor(s): Standard   Explosion Proof
Battery Box Size:
Heat Panel/Thermostat: Yes   No
Battery Rack Size:
Seismic Battery Frame, Floor & Battery Bolt Down: Yes   No
Additional Features: