Battery System Inquiry Data Sheet

Type of Battery: (Ni-Cad, Gel-Cell, VRLA Etc.)
Starter Motor Voltage: 12 VDC      24 VDC      32 VDC
Engine Capacity/Size: (Cubic Inch or # of Liters)
Number of Starter Motors:
Oil Type: 10W      20W      30W      40W
Minimum Oil Temp.: (Deg. F or Deg. C)
Minimum Battery Temp.: (Deg. F or Deg. C)
Number of Cranks/Minute:
Duration of Each Start Crank: seconds
Any other Constant Load? Amps
If known... Required # of Cells: (12vdc: 9-10, 24vdc: 18-20, 32vdc: 25-26)
% of Nominal System Voltage
Minimum System/Cell Voltage volts per cell
Starter Motor Efficiency: (55 - 75%)
Battery State of Charge: (45 - 100%)
Battery Rack Required: Yes      No
Seismic Zone #4 Rack Needed: Yes      No
Spill Containment System: Yes      No
Battery Enclosure Needed: Yes      No
Heating or Cooling Needed: Yes      No